Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what should iDO?

Today iTOOK a little journey with my friend Jo-Gee to a mystical land full of complex things that have recently captured the minds, hearts and wallets of many people....


After 3 years with my Sony Vaio and 2 years with my handy dandy blackberry, I am seriously considering the apple transition, yup, thats right that means getting all new apple things.

iKNOW I was a huge promoter for Team Blackberry, but similar to twitter, Blackberry and iHAVE had a great relationship and its time to move #ontothenextone. iHAVE been fascinated with the iPHONE for a minute, but have stuck to blackberry for so long, its time for a change. 

iEVALUATED all the options and I am pretty sure this transition will be occurring this summer, but now the only decision is.....what to get, there are sooo many options.

iKNOW for sure if iGET an iPHONE it will be a 3GS but there are sooo many choices...16GB, 32GB, black many decisions...

Now to the macbooks.....

This regular macbook is great, has all the functions iNEED / iWANT and is lightweight and very portable, but iHATE the way it looks. The white plastic just screams kiddy comp and thats not exactly what iLIKE.
A for function C for aesthetics A for price

This is the Macbook Pro. This has more than adequate functions for me. Although it is slightly more expensive, iLOVE the way it looks, it is so clean, crisp and neat! This also is lightweight and portable.
A for function A+ aesthetics C for Price

See what iMEAN, all these options, what should iDO?

As iWALKED into the apple store, iFELL in love with their newest gadget, the iPAD. As far as function, it seems a little redundant if iBUY the macbook, the iPHONE and the iPAD but who knows, that is also an option :D

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