Tuesday, August 31, 2010

no adios, hasta tarde

the time has come to say goodbye SEE YA LATER

Im on my way, im off to great places, im off and away. Today is the day that I leave for Barcelona! Im sitting in the airport making this blog as I prepare for my flight. 

I will be there for the fall semester studying abroad for my Spanish major. I will be living in Barcelona with a family and DONT WORRY, I will be on twitter @Just_James_C and Facebook so dont be afraid to hit me up. Send me your BBM pins and we can BBM for free while im there. 

I have a pretty long flight in front of me but dont worry I have tons of entertainment. 

See ya in ESPANA!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

piece of mind

"lifes tough, get a helmet"

im not sure i have too many outfits that go well with helmets, but when lifes tough i do resort to getting things..lol...check out one of my favorite pieces.

You see the pic, sssshhhhh...this two finger ring was picked up (slight pun intended) at a secret location :)

back 2 school::lookbook edition::

school has officially started (not yet for me but whatever)....in edition to new teachers, new classes and new classmates, we get new and exciting fashion. The first day is a great culmination of months without school, months away from friends and (most likely) months of great shopping.

As I browsed through Lookbook.nu today I couldnt help but notice all the LOOKS that featured either backpacks, books or something that would just look great on a school campus so I thought I would share it with you all :) 

 This look is simple enough to belong to a student but has so many great fashion elements....everything from the boots, to the bag...#5Stars

I see this for the fashion forward student who isnt afraid of taking risks. This look combines the common "thrown together" look that some college students often have with  a classic school look with the book in hand, backpack on shoulder and classic laceups
Ok, so school started and that means fall is soon approaching. This layered look is great for a day of classes then off to a late lunch with the friends. Gotta LOVE it.

When I thought about this look, all I could think of the Clark Atlanta University promenade. If you have ever been to it, you know exactly what I mean. 
This student is on the go. No time for a backpack to hold me back (too much adjustment needed). Im ready to sling this on and be on to the next class, then off to a meeting #busy

This pic reminds me of my high school days back in San Diego, CA. Simple, classic and sophisticated while still youthful. The white cami combined with the khakis look great..with a light blazer over it is simply AMAZING! (dont have a light blazer? try a cardigan)

Every college student can relate to this picture all too well. No time to linger anywhere too long, ALWAYS ON THE GO. Fun colors, easy layers, great look for a college student :)

and of course I had to add this look in. I featured it a couple days ago. Its so easy that I am sure you will be able to pull it off. Classic navy blazer, yellow oxford shirt, linen tie paired with khakis and loafers (matching belt optional)

Well I hope I inspired you with this back to school fashion. Feel free to steal and sample these looks and be the fly kid at school

Friday, August 27, 2010

on and off the court

A few months ago I was having a convo with my mom about how the celebs of my generation are taking their talents and making a brand and this truly does amaze me...No longer to singers stay singers, they branch out to the world of fashion and some even enter into the corporate world. The sky is truly the limit.

One thing that catches my eye on a regular (monthly) basis is the fact that more and more athletes are ending up on the covers of magazines. On my regular reading of GQ Magazine,  I am noticing more and more athletes on the cover..they are taking their skills on the court and field, mixing it with a designer suit or two and ending up on the cover of one of the most widely read mens fashion magazines.

Here are a few examples 

but im not mad, diversification is best friends with longevity and these athletes (and other celebs) are becoming really buddy buddy with the two

out of the mouth of babes

So, like most college students, i spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and most of the time I am looking at pointless stuff but every once in a while there is something that catches my eye and in this case, it was something that SHOULD catch yours as well.

This young man, Jonathan McCoy looks like a regular kid, but he has a serious gift! This young man delivered a speech during an oratorical competition that sent shockwaves through millions of TVs around the world! He spoke on the use of the N-Word and his personal thoughts regarding this word that has polluted our society. He ended with a powerful rendition of "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing"

PS: I believe this young man def. has MOREHOUSE potential

Sunday, August 22, 2010

post for my shoe heads...

so i go to school at MOREHOUSE COLLEGE in what is called the AUC (Atlanta University Center) which is made up of Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University.

Of these three schools, academics always comes first but fashion and style are a close second. So today while i was doing a little online shopping I ran across a few shoes that I KNOW some of my AUC fam would simply die for!

These Marc Jacob College Ankle Boots are posted under men shoes but I can def see some of my Spelman and Clark sisters tryna step out to Market Friday or Hump Wednesday or even Thurs. Night at Space..either way whoever is ready to throw on these relaxed elegant combat boots better also be prepared to drop a pretty penny...these bad boys ring up at a whopping $568

Now for all my sneaker heads out there...these
  Adidas Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto Neo Tech 
are not your average shell toed adidas...First off they will set you back about $365 dollars, but for you true sneaker heads, thats nothing new. For ma Jay Z lovers, you can sport these with your all black everything look...The big tongue reminds me of a look straight out of the 90s and yall know i cant help but love em cuz im a 90s baby #1991
And just to switch it up a bit I thought I would give you a mean desert boot. Yup, this 
Boss Black Saharian Calf Suede Lace Up Boot 
adds a spicy kick to a already hot trend out right now. These desert boots are so great because they are so versatile. Made by a variety of companies from CLARKS to BOSS to GUCCI, these boots come at all different price points but this specific pair comes in at around $250

Well thats it for now, hope you enjoyed everything. Stay tuned for more hot Back to School trends :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clean up on aisle 10!!!

yall know im a tweet head, and today when i checked my twitter there was a MAJOR problem!

twitter needs to hurry up and fix this cuz there is no time for my twitter page to look like this

big issue

any and everyone who has had any interest in fashion has picked up a Vogue Magazine and of those countless people, most know that the September issue is the biggest
issue of all. It sets the tone for the rest of the year and this year, editor in chief, Anna Wintour has decided to make the greatest decision of her life and have the one and only
on the cover!!!!!
This phenomenal decision is truly a blessing for Miss Berry and is the first black woman, since 1988 to grace the of the September Issue

#shoutout to Halle Berry for this amazing accomplishment and I am sure this is just the beginning of great things to come for both her and the rest of the African American community.

welcome to my photobooth

so im an NSO Leader and from time to time i have some downtime (poet n didnt know it)

here are the photobooth pics of my downtime

Theres nothing like a Brown Street photoshoot with my NSO hat morehouse tee and a smile on my face...LOVESIT!

its a photoshoot yea its a photo shoot

"Life is a fashion show and the world is my runway"
-James Willis

Yall know I am a NSO (New Student Orientation) leader and today a friend of mine Tim Jones took a few pics and I thought I would share them.

Whats not to love about this pic...gotta love the face, the fit, the PIC

Yea, i can do it all...even when simply lounging on the front steps of the chapel

Excuse me, coming through

Bad angle but im actually jumping in this pic

It was hot so please excuse the wet brow

Save the best for last...THIS PHOTO WASNT EDITED AT ALL....but I love it..the flash sent a beam of light right in the center of my body..i call this...

(and there was light)

But yea, so those were the pics. I love them. the fit:
Navy Blazer: Vintage
Canary Oxford: Ralph Lauren Polo
Tortoise Shell Shades: Cotton On
Navy Tie: Vintage
Khaki Short: Ralph Lauren
Brown Belt: Fathers closet..no really, my dads closet
Brown Suede Loafers: Bloomingdales

Easy summer look to pull off...a lil toasty to wear the blazer, but I had to wear some kind of jacket as an NSO leader..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

music to my ears pt 2

So if you follow me on twitter, i put up a tweet earlier that talked about JUST JAMES ..... i have a really hard time staying mad at people. 
(i guess im just too nice of a person to put negative vibes into this universe)
Well I just thought this song fit perfectly for my mood today

Monday, August 16, 2010

music for the times

a lot of times music can speak words that the mouth just cant form
No need to go into details but this song kinda fit my mood today #lovesit!

This song came out hella long ago but its funny how some songs always hold meaning...its by some guy name Eamon, im sure you have heard it before but check it out again

Eamon-I Dont Want You Back

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

music to my ears

Saw this track on a blog and thought it was GREAT! Love the track and hope you like it too.

I hope she cheat on you by Marsha Ambrosius

The song is hot, the beat is hot and I have a feeling there are a couple of ladies out there who are feeln this song. This song is dedicated to 
"la diabla
u kno who you are....I love you even tho u are evil! lol