Wednesday, October 27, 2010

True Essence Warriors


Essence Magazine has released their November issue

This issue is NEAR and DEAR to my heart because in the Womens Warrior feature, 
Dr. Darlene V. Willis and Mrs. Marsha Dodson 
have been selected as one of the 

These two phenomenal women are taking direct action to reduce and eliminate the education crisis that is plaguing school systems all around the country. With the utilization of poetry, real life statistics and over 25+ years in the experience in education, these two women are bridging the gap to ensure that ALL CHILDREN have access to a quality education and have the choice of college. Their business, Empowering Parents was started to bridge the parent/school divide, empower parents all around the nation and bring about the necessary change in our education system.

Also, if you feel so moved and would like to see ESSENCE do a full story on their efforts of empowering parents around the country then please feel free to send an email thanking them for selecting us for the list and ask them to consider doing a full story on us.   You can email your responses/requests to and ask that your comments be sent to the Editor in Chief – Angela Burt-Murray.  The more responses, the better chance of a full story for these deserving women.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 thumbs up to baby Smith

If you havent seen it yet, im SURE you have heard about it.

Willow, or Baby Smith, (as i like to call her) has been rippin the red carpets all around the WORLD for quite some time now and now shes WHIPPING HER HAIR back and forth with her new video and hit song!

This pre-teen is making her way right on up to the top. Her hit reminds me of a hot young mix for Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. With her style incorporates funky and fun colors while still staying age appropriate (shes not even 10 yet)...i cant wait to see where this rising star ends up..i have no doubt it up there at the top

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My LOVE collection

today i was bored so i decided to hit up my fav app on my comp...PHOTOBOOTH!

After listening to a couple songs on my itunes i decided on a perfect photoshoot...i call it..

(hope you LOVE it)

im gunna try n think of some other 4 letter words that i can do, but why not start with a lil bit of LOVE

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

inspiration all around me

i would argue that no one who is great has done it alone. the inspiration on which they thrive is provided by the equally great people around them.  Today, i was doing my normal blog search when i came across a video that literally had me AMAZED!

My Morehouse brother and fellow blogger, Kenneth Kyrell McKoy,{} posted what had to be the BEST video I have seen in a long time. It was a video created by 2 young, talented, black men of 
Street Etiquette....this clip incorporates so many great aspects of the life of a Young, Talented and Black young man that I just HAD to post it on my blog. The incorporation of so many great concepts all rolled into one to display the greatness of a sometimes non-represented group [African American males on a mission] was too good to pass up.

2 Thumbs up to these young men who are dedicating their lives to the Black Ivy, ill throw on an oxford.IM DOWN FOR THE CAUSE