Sunday, May 30, 2010

rolln down the street....

takin photos..i dont eff with Gin + Juice

So im back in CALI and I try and stay active and out the house. Yall know I take my camera with me so u may catch me at a red light having my personal photoshoot..check out some pics :D


i stay FLY

So the other day I went to San Francisco with some of my cousins and went shopping in the city to celebrate my cousins high school graduation. We had sooooo much fun and during a little break outside i placed my bags down on a plant box and look wat i saw....

A fly on my big brown bag. haha..I just thought it was soooo FLY (pun intended). It was a great lil conversation piece for us. So i turned it into a little photoshoot. This fly should be honored. hahaha

Saturday, May 29, 2010

just photoboothin

Boredom hits, PhotoBooth hits back
thought i would share some PhotoBooth greatness with you

I take my comp everywhere and where ever i get bored, i pull out the Photo Booth app and everything seems to get better :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

new tunes

Doing my normal web browsing and came across a new hot group


I had never heard of this group before but this boy band is making news and hitting the radio waves all over.  Their dance moves and smooth sound is capturing audiences all over and they are slowly making quite a name for themselves. The song is very catchy and their songs remind me of cali: relaxing and enjoying life.  Check it out...

East Coast meets West Coast

So today I woke up this morning and felt like getting

After a great shower I went to the closet and stood to simply be inspired. After about 15 minutes i came up with a pretty fly outfit (in my opinion)

dont leave ya girl around me cuz

Today was such a great day! Woke up super early to take care of some business but had a great day hanging out with the madre.

As I sat in the theatre seats with Kiara, watching Sex and the City 2 (great movie btw) a couple things came to mind but one thing in particular. I'm a FLIRT! I recently had a convo with someone who, to my knowledge, isnt single but every time we talk, i am always flirting. I wonder if they know how I really feel about them? How I wake up every morning and think of them or how the slightest mention of something great makes me think of them or how I sometimes go on their FB page just to see pics of them...oh well...Even if they knew they would probably brush it off with "Oh, James is just a flirt." I dont even know if this person will see this blog post but if you do, I want you to know that I am really falling for you. As corny as this is...... YOU HAVE MY HEART!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

if u cant tell...

Today has been a true ROLLERCOASTER...i went shopping and got home and things just went DOWN!

Whenever i find myself down like this I just think of my future! The song that came into mind is "Cuz everytime i close my eyes, i see my name in shiny lights, a different city every night, oh my the world better prepare when im a billionaire" (Billionaire by Travis McCoy)

I also try n relaxes me and gives me a chance to vent :D

I lay alone awake at night
Sorrow fills my eyes
But I’m not strong enough to cry
Despite of my disguise
I’m left with no shoulder
But everybody wants to lean on me.
I guess I’m their soldier.
Well, who’s gonna be mine

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help.
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl…
After she saves the world
After she saves the world.

I bottle all my hurt inside,
I guess I’m living a lie.
Inside my mind each day I die
What can bring me back to life?
A simple word, a gesture
Someone to say you’re beautiful
Come find this buried treasure
Rainbows lead to a pot of gold.

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl
After she saves the world…
After she saves the world.

I’ve given too much of myself 
And now it’s driving me crazy
(I’m crying out for help?
Sometimes I wish someone would 
Just come here and save me…
Save me from myself

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl
After she saves the world…
After she saves the world. 

shopping for humanity

So I love shopping more than you probably know. As I diversify my wardrobe I am straying away from the typical brand names and exploring vintage stores, small boutiques and new stores and up and coming designers. 

Today I came across a store called COTTON ON. This store is truly amazing. On top of amazingly good prices the australian based store has a foundation. The foundation provides aid for several worthy causes including fighting child poverty and feeding the hungry. This was so impressive to me, so I will surely be visiting the store throughout my summer. 

Check out the foundation website
check out the store website

ok, the sweet tooth is gone, this is just too much

So I know they say "home sweet home" but the sugar rush has turned into a sugar AVALANCHE and im over it! I am a rising Junior in college and coming home is almost like getting put on a leash. DONT GET ME WRONG i have been outside the house but there are times like now that I get reprimanded for simple things like wanting to go to the beach. I just find myself getting so FRUSTRATED when i am forced to sit down and do nothing. 
 But I need a change in environment! I can not sit in this room for the rest of this break.
 Spain cant come fast enough.

medicine for my soul

So yall know I love music and I thought i would share some songs that I am feeling right now.

Selfish by Vivian Green
I love this song cuz I find myself at a point in my life where I have to be selfish sometimes. Take a listen and you will see that its not about being selfish but just that "what im going through might seem selfish to your but ive never tried it and i think i like it"

Beautiful by India Arie
This song is an acoustic wonder! The words, beat and music speak to my soul and puts me in a place of relaxation. This song makes me wanna get dressed in flowy linen pants, a tank top, a hat and sunglasses and sit on the beach and listen to the guitar players on the boardwalk.....

Stupid in Love-Rihanna
I love Rihanna...i heard this song on the way to the mall today and it stuck in my head all day. "this is stupid, im not stupid. Dont talk to me like im stupid." That line pretty much sums up how i am feeling RIGHT NOW

dont count him out

so i just debuted Rihannas Rockstar video on my blog, now its Chris Browns turn

His new video No Bullsh*t is .......well u watch n decide

#uhoh I TOLD U

hey baby shes a ROCKSTAR!!

The new video is here and im sure you will love it! The new edgy Rihanna has really channelled her creativity into creating amazing videos like this.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

but mom..its on sale!

Today i went shopping with the madre..i picked up just a couple items but it was great. I got a great denim shirt and a pair of seersucker pants and some shirts. I love summer shopping!!

After I got home after a busy day of church, luncheons, and shopping I opened the laptop and looked at some of my favorite online stores and a couple new ones and there are some GREAT SALES! Yall know I am trying to get my shoe game up this summer, so most of the stores are having shoe sales, but check out the links and i hope u find some stuff u like :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good cal edition

i LOVE food! 

Everytime i come home i get to experience sooo many great things, one of which is 


last night, after a mild night of partying i hit up Alvaros! a yummy mexican spot. I was soo glad to see a full menu of amazing comida mexicana (mexican food). I ordered a chicken quesadilla con arroz y frijoles :D yummy yummy yummy!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

jetsetting made easy

Saw this look online the other day and thought it would be PERFECT for my summer trips :D

Every aspect of this outfit is perfect for traveling! We all know airport navigation can be a hassle, so I always make sure that I dress appropriately for the occasion.

The breakdown:
Black V-neck sweater:
This is perfect because i ALWAYS get cold on the plane! As I walk through the terminal I would probably have the sleeves pulled up right below the elbows but it would certainly come in handy as we approach 10,000 feet

The shorts:
Comfy! I love being comfortable and that isnt always easy with jeans, so opting for the shorts is a much cooler option

Typical Cali shoe! Do i even need to explain this? NO

The Duffle:
Its made by Louis Vuitton which automatically makes it, but seriously the long strap plus handles make it easy to carry in a variety of ways.

Yall know I always fly with sunglasses and a hat just to make sure the photogs dont snag a pic of me giving someone the evil eye

but yea, thats pretty much y i love this look. Try it with your own wardrobe next time u hit the jetway :D

a must have look

Summer time is the best time to work on getting a new wardrobe. As I prepare to embark on my shopping adventures, I find myself looking at blogs, magazines and catalogs to get ideas for looks that I want to try.

This picture of T.I was taken recently and this is a great example of an outfit I want! So I figured I would share it with you guys.

Great Pieces of the Fit
-Ice Cream BBC sweatshirt
-Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack
-Louis Vuitton Brazza Wallet
-Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 Sneakers

Gotta love this look. Its simple and fly...pretty much what I aim for :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

did u feel that?

Baby you know u can feel my halo, well if u didnt feel it at first, try this one!

The Queen Bey has graced us with an alternate video for her hit Halo. She can do no wrong and this video proves this once again!

got melons?

Its summer time and as stereotypical as it is, I find myself reuniting with one of my favorite fruits!


so as i sat at my kitchen table chopping it up with my madre and @SnkeyKiKi i decided to take some watermelon pics with my PHOTOBOOTH :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

im a movement by myself but we're a force when were together

There is nothing better than a powerful couple. We all aspire to one day find a spouse that balances us out and here are three phenomenal examples of some power couples.

(Left to Right)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 
This power couple is known world wide for oozing class and elegance. His jaw dropping stunts and her breath taking looks make for a dynamic hollywood duo

David and Victoria Beckham
This fashionable couple graced our country with their presence a couple years ago when David signed with a California soccer team and they have been dawning the red carpets and exclusive spots ever since. Their undeniable fashion can be seen on a daily basis.

Will and Jada Smith
This couple is nothing short of amazing. His humor combined with her beauty combined to create a field of offspring that encompass both aspects not to mention their flawless acting skills. This couple could serve as the poster child for effective marriages. They are truly the ying to each others yang.

First Family of Hip Hop

Gotta love the Smith Family!!!

This family has talent written all over it! Everyone knows Papa Will and Mama Jada are amazing actors and clearly have passed the talented gene onto their children. Jayden, who got his acting debut in Persuit of Happiness is spreading his acting wings with the remake of the Karate Kid. Young Willow is making a name for herself in singing and acting, not to mention being a fashionista! Oldest son Tre is slightly different in that he isnt doing any acting, but on a recent Oprah appearance, he spoke on doing some producing in the near future.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living the Louis Life

Anyone who has been around in the past couple years knows about the popularity of 
Louis Vuitton

I abso love the brand and thought I would share some pics of some other louis loving ppl :D

Of course the queen Bey is a step above the rest with this $42,000 Special Edition. With only 24 in the world, it is said this is the most exclusive Louis Bag ever!

This young guy's style is AMAZING! Im loving his look head to toe..check out them fly mocs.
Simple and classic. her white and denim are so perfect..Love her look head to toe. Classic Louis to go along.
Typical Cali girl! Her layered look is a bit much for me, but that classic Louis Neverfull is just that, NEVER FULL!
Im sure some of my Louis Obsessed people are wiping the tears from their keyboards. This young man decided he wanted to make his Louis Vuitton Keepall a little different with a can of white paint..oh well, its stil fly!

This young smoker is ready to jet set with his Louis Vuitton Sirius. This luggage doesnt do commercial, so cop this after you get your private jet game up :D