Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Living the Louis Life

Anyone who has been around in the past couple years knows about the popularity of 
Louis Vuitton

I abso love the brand and thought I would share some pics of some other louis loving ppl :D

Of course the queen Bey is a step above the rest with this $42,000 Special Edition. With only 24 in the world, it is said this is the most exclusive Louis Bag ever!

This young guy's style is AMAZING! Im loving his look head to toe..check out them fly mocs.
Simple and classic. her white and denim are so perfect..Love her look head to toe. Classic Louis to go along.
Typical Cali girl! Her layered look is a bit much for me, but that classic Louis Neverfull is just that, NEVER FULL!
Im sure some of my Louis Obsessed people are wiping the tears from their keyboards. This young man decided he wanted to make his Louis Vuitton Keepall a little different with a can of white paint..oh well, its stil fly!

This young smoker is ready to jet set with his Louis Vuitton Sirius. This luggage doesnt do commercial, so cop this after you get your private jet game up :D

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