Friday, May 21, 2010

jetsetting made easy

Saw this look online the other day and thought it would be PERFECT for my summer trips :D

Every aspect of this outfit is perfect for traveling! We all know airport navigation can be a hassle, so I always make sure that I dress appropriately for the occasion.

The breakdown:
Black V-neck sweater:
This is perfect because i ALWAYS get cold on the plane! As I walk through the terminal I would probably have the sleeves pulled up right below the elbows but it would certainly come in handy as we approach 10,000 feet

The shorts:
Comfy! I love being comfortable and that isnt always easy with jeans, so opting for the shorts is a much cooler option

Typical Cali shoe! Do i even need to explain this? NO

The Duffle:
Its made by Louis Vuitton which automatically makes it, but seriously the long strap plus handles make it easy to carry in a variety of ways.

Yall know I always fly with sunglasses and a hat just to make sure the photogs dont snag a pic of me giving someone the evil eye

but yea, thats pretty much y i love this look. Try it with your own wardrobe next time u hit the jetway :D

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