Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the LOOKBOOK...harem

so i havent talked about fashion in a minute, so i wanted to highlite one of my favorite new (to the scene) items..


This look, commonly associated with MC HAMMER has made its way into the fashion world

i absolutely love them, they are like a fashion forward sweatpant. 
 They come in a variety of styles, cuts and colors, just like normal pants and I love them!! I went to American Apparel today and tried a few on, they might be my next purchase :D

Here are some looks that stood out to me from the book

I like this look simply because I would probably wear mine this way...slip in shoes (i hate laces), harem pants, a deep vneck tee and maybe a cardigan...#easy

This was a look posted by a blogger that I follow. He was photo'd wearing metallic harem pants..I love the look but im not sure i would ever wear silver metallic harem pants, but they work for him..check out his blog www.fashwithr.blogspot.com

This is a cool look too, another one I can see myself wearing. My nana made a really cool scarves and I could see myself wearing the harem pants, black shoes, a white vneck, basic blazer and one of nana's amazing scarves :D

Ladies can wear them too. Check out how this female paired a printed pair of harem pants with a basic top with black open toed heels with an ankle detail. Her accessories and other items are basic which puts the focus on the printed pants. #HOT

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