Monday, May 17, 2010

in the still of the night

So right now its 3:20 am on Monday morning and I am sitting in bed watching an old episode of Family Matters and decided to blog :D

I really LOVE this show! I used to watch it all the time back in the day. I used to pretend I had a special transforming machine like urkel..hahaha...

I feel like the shows back in that time were soooo much better than the shows today. Think about all the great shows...

My Brother and Me
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
and those are just to name a few...Dont get me wrong, I love my reality shows, but I LOVE LOVE these shows! I will def have these (and a few others) in my collection. I need to find them all on DVD real soon...maybe i will put these on my wishlist :D

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