Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I love coming home because it gives me a chance to chill at my old spots, kick it with old friends and hit up my old shopping spots.

My Father's Closet

no no no, thats not the cool name of some uber vintage boutique, its just what I said, My FATHER's Closet! My father has a wide variety of clothes from nearly every decade from the 70's and up.

Today, I showered and slipped into one of his old shirts. When accompanied with my blue shorts and white vans, it gave the perfect nautical look for my summer. With the California blue sky as my back drop, i am ready to hit the water.

If you have a minute, take a look through your parents closet, you would be surprised what old treasures you find.

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  1. So true! a lot of my favorite pieces are things i borrowed from mommy, it's wonderful having parents with good taste... i'm actually wearing one of her sweaters now lol