Wednesday, May 19, 2010

im a movement by myself but we're a force when were together

There is nothing better than a powerful couple. We all aspire to one day find a spouse that balances us out and here are three phenomenal examples of some power couples.

(Left to Right)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 
This power couple is known world wide for oozing class and elegance. His jaw dropping stunts and her breath taking looks make for a dynamic hollywood duo

David and Victoria Beckham
This fashionable couple graced our country with their presence a couple years ago when David signed with a California soccer team and they have been dawning the red carpets and exclusive spots ever since. Their undeniable fashion can be seen on a daily basis.

Will and Jada Smith
This couple is nothing short of amazing. His humor combined with her beauty combined to create a field of offspring that encompass both aspects not to mention their flawless acting skills. This couple could serve as the poster child for effective marriages. They are truly the ying to each others yang.

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