Thursday, April 29, 2010

James-C is a rolling stone

Lets be real, im not the one to stick to one thing. My personality and my existence has entirely too many facets for me to be stuck in one life, so I have a plan!

California will always have my heart but I must explore, so when it comes to my professional life, I have derived the perfect plan. I will, like my father, invest in real estate all over the country.

When will I be where? hmmm


Spring+Fall: New York
Every major mover and shaker has a spot in NYC, so of course its only fitting that I be around my people in the Big Apple. Im thinking nothing too posh just a three bedroom condo somewhere in a Manhattan High Rise overlooking either Central or Bryant Park :D 

Summer Part One : Malibu

Time to escape the madness of NYC and head to the tranquil beach house where I can simply relax and enjoy the fun, sun and fam. My modest malibu mini-mansion will come equipped with plenty of space to lounge and simply enjoy the California Sunshine 

Summer Part Two: Texas
As much as I love the fast pace of the city living, I must admit, every once in a while I like to escape to the country and enjoy some quality time. My brother and I have always talked about having a    Willis Ranch 
somewhere in Texas, so im sure that will come soon.

Winter: San Diego

Why would I go anywhere else for winter? I can go home, visit my folks, and enjoy the 70 degree weather while everyone else freezes...*EVIL LAUGH*

Fall: Atlanta

Of course I have to have a spot here in ATL. I must admit, this place has really grown on me. I will certainly be here in the Fall for Welcome to the House and Homecoming. Instead of wasting money on a hotel everytime, I can just hit up my condo in Atlantic Station (pray that dad comes thru with that next semester)


to be regular...i take my lessons from Kanye and Beyonce...wat can i say,
" i got a EGO..*clears throat* such a EGO"

Kelly Cutron, cut throat PR woman of NYC recently said
 "be prepared for people to hate you"
I feel like in order for greatness to ever be achieved, hatred is bound to be in your path.

The optimistic side of me wants to say that I love everyone and I wont be completely happy until everyone loves me, but that is NOT REAL! (and u know i dont do phony)

On my path to my final destination, I WILL BE GREAT and if you hate me, then im sorry...but dont HATE ME, just DATE ME and u can get the benefits (im lowkey an "MC" hahah)

Heidi Montag..the white chick

Yes, I know i state the obvious at times but im serious...did yall know she was a white chick?

The colorado mountian bunny hit the mean streets of LA and truly transformed, too bad it was all for the worse.  She recently went under the knife and looks horrible

What she got:

- eye brow lift (drastic)
-nose job (again)
-boob job (again)
-fat injections in cheeks
    -fat injections in lips 
-chin shaved down
-back shaped
-inner lipo
-outer lipo

This girl went crazy!! She went from a naturally (relatively) beautiful girl to a plastic mess 

My life is whole again

no no no...not some mushy gushy fairy tale love story...BETTER!

THE HILLS and THE CITY are back on!!! HOW EXCITING!!
 If you missed the amazing season premier of these two shows, dont worry, its not too late, u can check them out online and and catch up on two of my favorite shows.

As you probably know, LC (Lauren Conrad) has left and was replaced by Kristin Cavallari which adds a whole new element of drama to the equation, but this season is sure to be a big hit! As the first episode rolled, I felt my drama-meter reactivating after such a long spout without this amazing show!! 

And on The City, Whitney is launching her new clothing line and as she steps out on this new limb of life, the drama begins to roll in like chiffon on a Spring Fashion Week Runway. Of course my favorite Catwalk Goddess Olivia is in full action in the first episode, like i said, make sure u check them out

PS: if anyone really loves me, they will get me the seasons of The Hills and The City on DVD :D


A great Morehouse Man once said 
"Ive been to the mountain top"
well now I, as a Man of Morehouse can say the same.

4 friends took a journey to the top of a mountain in a search for enlightenment. The terrain was rough, the going got tough but in the end, we reached ENLIGHTENMENT

This great journey was documented fully by two videographers and a photographer. This revolution had to be televised.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

its been a long 21 days....

After 21 days of tweetless life, I am returning. As of 3:00pm, I will be returning to my twitter, but this time in a whole new light. 

21 days ago I decided to step away from twitter after 10,000 tweets and into the blog world. After gaining my knowledge of the blog world, I feel like I am ready to dibble and dabble in both worlds simultaneously.  If you dont have a twitter, i def recommend you get one and follow me.

What time is it? ME TIME!

Today something made me send a mass text to some people. The message was inspired by the Words of Wisdom sent by Rev Run at the end of RUNS HOUSE (one of my favorite shows). My message talked about taking time for yourself and enjoying your own company.

I figured since I shared it with those few ppl I would share it with the viewers of my blog.

            The message simply said:          

"It was once said, "one should remove the plank form ones own eye before attempting to remove the speck in someone elses"

Allow this message to resignate in your mind as you read my daily words of wisdom for April 28, 2010. Its the end of this year and as people prepare for these final days of this academic year, they find themselves abnormally stressed. This new level of stress often 
results in random spouts of anger, frustration and argumentation. I ask that you take a minute to yourself, take a couple deep breaths and simply relax. in stressful times, it is essential  that you take time for your yourself and meditate or sit still. It is in the stillness that we find our true selves.

Love your life, live in love and your life will bring you love.

God is Love,
James Willis"

I hope these words are helpful to you as you go on through your day.

unblogable adventures...

This year has been such a great year but these past few days, 
regardless of my slight sickness, has been AMAZING!

There are soo many things that went on, so many great adventures, so many memories, most of which cant be blogged about (for one reason or another..haha) but yea heres some pics that pretty much capture the events. 

Every one of these pics have a very specific meaning and if you were involved then you will know exactly what each means.. hahaha

letter to yall

 I have been a horrible blogger lately. I havent updated in such a long time but i still love yall and hope I didnt lose any viewers. I promise Ill keep providing with the heat you love so much.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my struggle

"he was always such a nice boy, the quiet one with good intentions.....but good dont get attention"
-Stole by Kelly Rowland

I find myself at a crossroads with this blogging situation. 

I have a lot of people who love the blog and I am anxious to write more, but what do i right about? I found myself having bloggers block today and decided to hit up some important people and ask for advice and most of them said something along the lines of "keep it interesting" and after a few more questions the infamous word arose "MESSY"....I find that more people check out the blog when its MESSY but I cant always come up with MESS for people, plus I really dont want to be ONLY known for being #messy :D (well...maybe)

As a blogger I blog about things that I like but I also like to provide my viewers with what they want to see, so let me know what you want and I will provide it for you. :D Since so many people are hitting me up to know the newest info, I guess Ill supply that since "good dont get attention"

Tat tat tatted up....

Anyone who has frequented any institution has most likely seen a large amount of young people (16-24) with tattoos. Dating back to the 4,000 BC, tattoos have been used for multiple purposes over the years and have remained in pop culture. Our generation is taking this, once discouraged body art, as self expression on almost every body part possible.

I am fully for self expression, I just worry about the future of the people who decided to give into the cultural pressure to get tatted up. As my father reminds my brother and me on a regular basis, "When was the last time you saw a Fortune 500 CEO with neck tats or on the golf course with tattoo sleeves?" -NEVER!

As I sat in class today, I watched a young man present a nearly flawless presentation on Social Psychology but found myself distracted every once in a while by his tattoos on his neck, visible over the collar of his business shirt and his arm tattoos that were also visible (his sleeves were rolled up).

While Im sure he thinks hes cool when he is at the beach, tattoos arent a temporary badge that you can wear and take off as you desire, they are permanent and will be with you for the rest of your life, so are you sure you want to attend the company retreat with "ROCKSTAR LIFESTYLE" tattooed on your forearm?

Another major issue I have is females littering their body with bold, manly and just plain NASTY tattoos. A woman is supposed to be soft and delicate and some women with nearly perfect bodies choose to ruin them with excessive tattoos.. NOT CUTE!

My advice when contemplating getting a tattoo:
1. Get something that you wont mind looking at when you are 20, 40, 60 and 80
2. Get it in a place that wont prevent or hinder you from getting a job or taking a certain role in your future. 

a true underdog story

Extra Extra read all about it, a Sophomore CRUSHES two greeks in the Morehouse College SGA race for presidency.

Thats right, yesterday, the new SGA President was announced and, against the ways of elections past, a SOPHOMORE won!!

In recent elections, greeks have taken the title (simply because of their greek status, in most cases) but this year was different. This year the underdog, sophomore Travis Randle, swooped in, spoke on real issues and won. In his victory, he defeated a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and Alpha Phi Alpha, arguably two of the favorite fraternities on campus.

Travis Randle, sophomore from Chicago, Illinois, was officially announced the victor the SGA Presidency 2010-2011. This tremendous victory came after a hard campaign in which Travis reached out to Men of Morehouse in all aspects of their matriculation, from Freshman to Seniors, in an effort, to not only get his name out, but to also express his truly open personality and the people skills that he naturally possesses. 

Kudos surely go out to this ground breaking achievement and I surely look forward to this upcoming year of new leadership. 

RANT: got manners?

I am noticing more and more that people lack basic manners. As you know, I am very social and am always ready to make a new friend but I find that every one doesnt have the same outlook on life.

Recently I was walking with one of my good friends Hope Harris and we were greeted by several people along the way, most of which spoke to both of us, regardless of if they knew the other or not, however there were a couple people who failed in doing so.

Another similar incident happened when I was out with a friend and this girl came up to my friend and said hello and said nothing to me. Sure we were in a public crowded place but a basic smile, hello or handshake would have been sufficient, but once again, she failed to demonstrate this common courtesy.

Hope and I have talked about this before and there is one person in particular who constantly fails. To me, if you see two people walking and you know only one, you speak to the one you know and offer the other a brief hello or a small acknowledgement, that is just basic manners.

I have had enough of people not having manners, so I have created my own solution. If that happens again, I will do the following....
1. Look the person in the eyes, get their attention and introduce myself
2. Say "well since you didnt introduce yourself, I guess I will have to do it"
3. "What is your name?" *person answers*
4. "Well __(insert name)___ now that we have been introduced next time when you see me, you will speak, right?"

Hopefully my blunt-ness will inspire more people to express the manners that their parents worked so hard to instill.

Monday, April 19, 2010

cut em loose...

Summer is almost here and the temp is steadily rising! No time for jeans, its too hot for all that material....but what do I do with all my jeans for the next few months? *snip snip snip*

Thats right, I took the plunge into turning my True Religion jeans into True Religion SHORTS!

After browsing through fashion show clips and fashion magazine, I decided to join the fashion frenzy of jean shorts! After careful evaluation and friend consultation my scissors and jeans had a meeting of the minds and the product was simply amazing!

I rocked my new cut-off jeans today and got several compliments from friends and even teachers.

Try it out. HINT:
1. Put the jeans on first and mark (with pen/pencil) where you want the shorts to stop
2. Take off the jeans and make sure your markings are even
3. Cut the jeans about 1/2 inch from where  you want them to be
4. Go behind that cut and make a cleaner line
5. (optional) fold the end up like  you would normal jeans.

Thats it, its pretty are a couple pics of my new jeans, I like them, what do you think?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

HD killed the celebrity

With modern technology, we are getting closer and closer to the people we place on a pedestal. With this access granted pass we are seeing more than we have ever had access to. This isnt necessarily an all good thing.

Check out some pics of some celebs taken with HD devices....looks like they arent immune to every day problems simply because they are famous.

Here is a pic of Alicia Keys getting off a plane. As beautiful as she is, she suffers from acne, but one would never know that if you simply look at her pics that we see on a daily basis. 

Or how about these two different pics of Soulja Boy, this young rapper is normally seen with baby soft skin littered with tattoos, but in his recent feature in Teairra Mari's Sponsor video, that skin wasnt lookn so smooth.

But its more than skin, these HD flix are capturing celebs doing things they arent supposed to be doing.

Like this pic of Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. While performing with a group of other artists, shots captured her making funny faces while other artists sing. #uhoh looks like Nicole didnt like the note Natasha just hit.

Or how about Hayden in this public wedgie picking fest...#oops Now im sure we have all picked a wedgie in public but we dont expect to see our favorite actors, singers and dancers to be doing this. I hope this HD boom doenst ruin the careers of these people simply because they are captured with everyday common problems..