Sunday, April 18, 2010

HD killed the celebrity

With modern technology, we are getting closer and closer to the people we place on a pedestal. With this access granted pass we are seeing more than we have ever had access to. This isnt necessarily an all good thing.

Check out some pics of some celebs taken with HD devices....looks like they arent immune to every day problems simply because they are famous.

Here is a pic of Alicia Keys getting off a plane. As beautiful as she is, she suffers from acne, but one would never know that if you simply look at her pics that we see on a daily basis. 

Or how about these two different pics of Soulja Boy, this young rapper is normally seen with baby soft skin littered with tattoos, but in his recent feature in Teairra Mari's Sponsor video, that skin wasnt lookn so smooth.

But its more than skin, these HD flix are capturing celebs doing things they arent supposed to be doing.

Like this pic of Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. While performing with a group of other artists, shots captured her making funny faces while other artists sing. #uhoh looks like Nicole didnt like the note Natasha just hit.

Or how about Hayden in this public wedgie picking fest...#oops Now im sure we have all picked a wedgie in public but we dont expect to see our favorite actors, singers and dancers to be doing this. I hope this HD boom doenst ruin the careers of these people simply because they are captured with everyday common problems..

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