Tuesday, April 6, 2010

lets take a LOOK in the BOOK

Lookbook that is... 
is a website designed for the fashion forward and fashion lovers to view and share their hottest looks to the world. 

I scroll through the site at all different times to get ideas before getting dressed or getting shopping. One thing that I notice a lot is, that it doesnt matter the brands or the labels or the prints, its all about how you put everything together. Pairing all of your labels in one outfit is tacky and most times dont work out but pairing a few basic items like an American Apparel tee with a YSL blazer is almost a guaranteed success :D

Here are a couple of my fav looks from LookBook

I love how simple this outfit is. Next time you hit the mall it would be simple to replicate this outfit..slim fit jeans, nautical accessories, grey cardigan and depending on how dressy/casual u want to be, add a dress shirt or a button up...#Basic #clean #fashion

Ladies....dont let the heels fool you...with the current trends, there is no excuse for women to not look their best. Outfits like this prove that with 5 mins and a shower, a woman can look fly all day. This "boyfriend button up" style with skinny jeans can be easily duplicated..heels are optional, but def add a SPICE to the outfit

Some of the pictures on this website are soo creative, I love it!

 There are styles of all sorts, from off the runway to street chic...check out this watermelon it!

Simple....its heating up, time to lose the layers and show some LEGS, try this simple dress, it looks like its made of a cotton, so no need to stress about dry cleaning..#easy

I abso love looks like this, i know the season is off, but the clean lines, the layers, it just says something to my soul...once again basic..skinnys, tee, scarf and blazer...make sure the fit is right :D

When I go back to CALI i will surely be duplicating this look...and if the weather doesnt allow me to do so in ATL, i will opt for either a pair of tailored seersucker shorts or simply roll the pants up

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