Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what happens in the dark will soon be come to light....

My mother used to always tell me that and I never really understood until I got older. This is so true!! These are some of the words this foolish child had to say...and she thought I wouldnt see them..#foolish

"Why did I go to lunch with this fool. Now I have two Bafoons, one in front and one next to me."

"I can't stand when people don't have their sh*t together yet they always have a commentary for something you need to fix in your life."

"...He's still going at it and THIS n*gga has headphones on listening to pandora at the table #FAIL and #FAIL"

"So you're listening to pandora in the car so I'm supposed to listen to this muffled bs #ithinkNOT"

"When people get in a foul mood they do their best to impress that negative energy on you. You will not bring me down!"

The funniest part about the sour lunch date was that we actually talk about this in my Theories of Personality class. This young lady is using the defense mechanism "Projection". Everything from the "anti-black" comment to these tweets. This girl is clearly projecting her own insecurities onto others. Hopefully she will soon change this aspect of their being, its really immature.

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