Wednesday, April 7, 2010

adventures with JoGee

have you met Jo-Gee? Prob she doenst really like people..hahaha jk but im sure youve seen me with her, we pretty much see each other on a daily basis and no matter what we do, its guaranteed to be fun, funny and maybe a bit #messy hahahahah

Today we went to see Victor and the rest of the Morehouse College track team and to our surprise a photographer was snapping pics of us without us knowing and then once we saw him we asked for a pic and he took a few more but the ones before were all candid, they were pretty cool i must say.

Here are some of the pics he took. Yall know I have aspirations of being a public figure one day, so the idea of someone taking pics of me without me knowing was kinda cool :D

This photographer is great, he has photographed me before and can be seen around the local ATL colleges at many sporting events.

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  1. she aiight, nothing special, but i heard her bf kamilah was bombtastic..#justsaying