Thursday, April 8, 2010

--oh my--

Do yall remember ex 3LW/ex-Chettah Girl Kiely Williams?

Well according to Kiely's new video "Spectacular", she has traded in her head to toe cheetah jogging suit for a pair of sequined hot pants and a corset top. YUP, no more disney channel for her!

Her new song chronicles her night as a wild loose woman going out, meeting up with a stranger,heading back to his place and........(you know the rest). The chorus comes in with her thoughts the morning after, she has no idea who this man is but all she knows is that "the sex was SPECTACULAR"

I guess thats the image we all want to push out for billions to see. Everyone knows disney channel stars are always like 5 years older than their role, so Kiely has to be about 25, u would think she would know better than to present herself in such away. Is that really this your way of reclaiming your spot in the entertainment circle...well, besides the "not so good" look, the song was mediocre at best...i say this was a #FAIL!

What do you think? 

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