Thursday, April 22, 2010

a true underdog story

Extra Extra read all about it, a Sophomore CRUSHES two greeks in the Morehouse College SGA race for presidency.

Thats right, yesterday, the new SGA President was announced and, against the ways of elections past, a SOPHOMORE won!!

In recent elections, greeks have taken the title (simply because of their greek status, in most cases) but this year was different. This year the underdog, sophomore Travis Randle, swooped in, spoke on real issues and won. In his victory, he defeated a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and Alpha Phi Alpha, arguably two of the favorite fraternities on campus.

Travis Randle, sophomore from Chicago, Illinois, was officially announced the victor the SGA Presidency 2010-2011. This tremendous victory came after a hard campaign in which Travis reached out to Men of Morehouse in all aspects of their matriculation, from Freshman to Seniors, in an effort, to not only get his name out, but to also express his truly open personality and the people skills that he naturally possesses. 

Kudos surely go out to this ground breaking achievement and I surely look forward to this upcoming year of new leadership. 

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