Thursday, April 29, 2010

My life is whole again

no no no...not some mushy gushy fairy tale love story...BETTER!

THE HILLS and THE CITY are back on!!! HOW EXCITING!!
 If you missed the amazing season premier of these two shows, dont worry, its not too late, u can check them out online and and catch up on two of my favorite shows.

As you probably know, LC (Lauren Conrad) has left and was replaced by Kristin Cavallari which adds a whole new element of drama to the equation, but this season is sure to be a big hit! As the first episode rolled, I felt my drama-meter reactivating after such a long spout without this amazing show!! 

And on The City, Whitney is launching her new clothing line and as she steps out on this new limb of life, the drama begins to roll in like chiffon on a Spring Fashion Week Runway. Of course my favorite Catwalk Goddess Olivia is in full action in the first episode, like i said, make sure u check them out

PS: if anyone really loves me, they will get me the seasons of The Hills and The City on DVD :D

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