Monday, April 19, 2010

cut em loose...

Summer is almost here and the temp is steadily rising! No time for jeans, its too hot for all that material....but what do I do with all my jeans for the next few months? *snip snip snip*

Thats right, I took the plunge into turning my True Religion jeans into True Religion SHORTS!

After browsing through fashion show clips and fashion magazine, I decided to join the fashion frenzy of jean shorts! After careful evaluation and friend consultation my scissors and jeans had a meeting of the minds and the product was simply amazing!

I rocked my new cut-off jeans today and got several compliments from friends and even teachers.

Try it out. HINT:
1. Put the jeans on first and mark (with pen/pencil) where you want the shorts to stop
2. Take off the jeans and make sure your markings are even
3. Cut the jeans about 1/2 inch from where  you want them to be
4. Go behind that cut and make a cleaner line
5. (optional) fold the end up like  you would normal jeans.

Thats it, its pretty are a couple pics of my new jeans, I like them, what do you think?

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