Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ladies take notes

I am def an equal opportunity blogger and will blog things for everyone, males and females, obvi i can only do it from my perspective but I will do my best to blog for EVERYONE!

This one is for the ladies....

Beyonce said "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it" well i say "You want a ring then you better put some heels on em". There is nothing more attractive than seeing a woman in sky scraping stilettos. It improves the posture and makes her walk like she owns the world (and my heart). I know everyone is trying to have all this practical fashion, but i am def not opposed to going back to the slogan "beauty is pain" hahaha jk but seriously ladies, 

Im not saying you must walk around in anything ridiculous like these (unless you want to)


but there is nothing wrong with throwing on some heels. Check out these lovely ladies who do it right every time. If they can do it, im sure you can too 

On her casual day shopping in LA, Beyonce throws on these YSL Tribute Too's and boosts her outfit (and altitude) a whole 5 inches and her again steppin out the maybach with her hubby..once again rocking the YSL, this time in a yellow sandal heel...still effortless.

Or how about former spice girl Victoria "Posh" Beckham, even when hitting up a busy mall with her 3 children, she throws on a pair of heels to turn up the volume on her ensemble. If she can manage to wipe baby Brooklyn's nose, coddle Cruz and keep the reigns on Romeo all in her 5 inch YSL heels, im sure u will have no problem.

I hope you accept the challenge, so next time you hit up your closet in search of some footwear, skip over the dunks and throw on some Louboutins (or Steve Madden, lets be real)

SideNote: Unless you are a 75 year old woman or Suri Cruise, please avoid the 1.5 inch heels at all cost! You are too old to be steppin out in the same shoes you wore for your Girls Scout Easter Egg Hunt

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