Wednesday, April 7, 2010

do you Pandora?

so the other day i decided that i HAD to check out this Pandora thing since everyone kept talking about it! All i kept hearing is "omg, i freakin love pandora" "Pandora is AMAZING!" "wow, ur wack, u dont know wat Pandora is" so i just had to check it out myself! 

Pandora Internet Radio is a website that is set up to pretty much give you access to the worlds biggest and bestest itunes shuffle. By simply typing in a song or artist name Pandora dives deep into their vault of music and arranges a station just for you. This station has similar songs by that artist and other artists in the same category. 

I must admit, it is pretty amazing! For my first playlist I put in Jennifer Hudson and got everyone from Melanie Fiona to Sade and even a little John Legend. AMAZING!!

I even called my brother and we had a 20 minute convo about his pandora stations. He has a lot of old school jazz and blues on there combined with his cali hyphy music and classic you can see we are two completely dif eggs from the same nest.

No matter wat your taste is, check out PANDORA and they will hook you up!

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