Thursday, April 29, 2010

James-C is a rolling stone

Lets be real, im not the one to stick to one thing. My personality and my existence has entirely too many facets for me to be stuck in one life, so I have a plan!

California will always have my heart but I must explore, so when it comes to my professional life, I have derived the perfect plan. I will, like my father, invest in real estate all over the country.

When will I be where? hmmm


Spring+Fall: New York
Every major mover and shaker has a spot in NYC, so of course its only fitting that I be around my people in the Big Apple. Im thinking nothing too posh just a three bedroom condo somewhere in a Manhattan High Rise overlooking either Central or Bryant Park :D 

Summer Part One : Malibu

Time to escape the madness of NYC and head to the tranquil beach house where I can simply relax and enjoy the fun, sun and fam. My modest malibu mini-mansion will come equipped with plenty of space to lounge and simply enjoy the California Sunshine 

Summer Part Two: Texas
As much as I love the fast pace of the city living, I must admit, every once in a while I like to escape to the country and enjoy some quality time. My brother and I have always talked about having a    Willis Ranch 
somewhere in Texas, so im sure that will come soon.

Winter: San Diego

Why would I go anywhere else for winter? I can go home, visit my folks, and enjoy the 70 degree weather while everyone else freezes...*EVIL LAUGH*

Fall: Atlanta

Of course I have to have a spot here in ATL. I must admit, this place has really grown on me. I will certainly be here in the Fall for Welcome to the House and Homecoming. Instead of wasting money on a hotel everytime, I can just hit up my condo in Atlantic Station (pray that dad comes thru with that next semester)

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