Thursday, April 22, 2010

RANT: got manners?

I am noticing more and more that people lack basic manners. As you know, I am very social and am always ready to make a new friend but I find that every one doesnt have the same outlook on life.

Recently I was walking with one of my good friends Hope Harris and we were greeted by several people along the way, most of which spoke to both of us, regardless of if they knew the other or not, however there were a couple people who failed in doing so.

Another similar incident happened when I was out with a friend and this girl came up to my friend and said hello and said nothing to me. Sure we were in a public crowded place but a basic smile, hello or handshake would have been sufficient, but once again, she failed to demonstrate this common courtesy.

Hope and I have talked about this before and there is one person in particular who constantly fails. To me, if you see two people walking and you know only one, you speak to the one you know and offer the other a brief hello or a small acknowledgement, that is just basic manners.

I have had enough of people not having manners, so I have created my own solution. If that happens again, I will do the following....
1. Look the person in the eyes, get their attention and introduce myself
2. Say "well since you didnt introduce yourself, I guess I will have to do it"
3. "What is your name?" *person answers*
4. "Well __(insert name)___ now that we have been introduced next time when you see me, you will speak, right?"

Hopefully my blunt-ness will inspire more people to express the manners that their parents worked so hard to instill.


  1. Not everyone cares whether someone acknowledges them or not. The only people that care are ones who need to feel important. Come on now. In the real world people walk past you everyday and say nothing. Unless you are a celeb then get use to it. AND YOU ARE NO CELEB!

  2. its not about every person passing acknowledging my existence, its about when stopping to talk to a person in a group, it is important that you acknowledge the presence of the rest of the ppl in that group, regardless of if you know them or not.