Monday, April 5, 2010

my ace in the hole

I am sure we all have those friends that we can count on NO MATTER WHAT! Every once in a while Im going to highlight some of my closest amigos and amigas from ATL, CALI and in all walks of life.

Kiara Chanae Hill

She def. gets the awards for always being there.

She is truly a stand out star in my life!  We met waaay back in middle school when I was new to Rancho Penasquitos and through it all we have been there. Our families are close and we have gone through it all. We have laughed together, cried together, travelled together and experienced a lot of things together.

She has been there for so much, she introduced me to some things (Gibberish by Ryan Leslie, MCLs and soooo much more) and I put her on a few things (twitter, excessive photo taking and visits to "the beach") hahaha.

Through it all she is my sister and I love her! If you arent already make sure you follow her on twitter @SnkyKiki, she be tweeting up a storm :D

I look forward to our friendship growing even stronger...who would have ever thought that our middle school friendship would take us across the country together and next around the WORLD :D

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