Tuesday, September 21, 2010


passport check, time to travel!!!

In Barcelona for the semester and i am having a BLAST (understatement)...so i thought i would share some of my favorite pics thus far..hope you enjoy a glimpse into my semester abroad
Club in Barcelona 
Greek Ruins in Spain
heading out in Barcelona
South of France
Cadaques, Spain
Lunch in Seaside Village of Spain
George Paynes Bar in Barcelona
Roman Ruins in Spain
Cadaques, Spain
Roman Ruins in Spain
Barcelona Clubbing
Roman Ruins in Spain

Thursday, September 16, 2010

dutty wat? hahaha

ok so recently I have really been on an international kick. (im studying in barcelona, from america and feelin this island music)

Ive been sharing my Barcelona experience with you so i thought i would also share something else...

I heard this song today and saw the video and fell in love..i think you will like it too...check it out

Hold You by Gyptian

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

snip snip snip

Bienvenidos means more than just welcome...it means WELCOME IN NEW THINGS, WELCOME IN NEW EXPRESSIONS, so what better way to welcome myself into Barcelona than with a new style?

#iadmit i dont have the financial means YET to totally recreate myself whenever i desire, so i will settle for a few small alterations every once in a while.

Last night I decided to step out in style..what style? lets just call it

yup, my jeans had a little meeting with a pair of scissors and, after a bit of negotiation, settled upon this SNIP SNIP SNIP creation.

Magazine Cover Shirt.............$5 CottonOn
SNIP SNIP JEANS........................ €7.95 H&M (snip snip not included)
Spanish inspired shoes (not pictured)..................FREE H&M;)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

nothing but smiles

between my nicknames


you can get what im kinda known for...


To me nothing is better than a great smile! I love seeing people with beautiful smiles and I love smiling myself, so i thought I would share some of my favorite smiling pics with you...these are just a few of my most recent facebook profile pics

Headshot from my acting days....smiling began waaay back in 1991 :D (yea im young, i know..19)

Taken at my Aunt and Uncles House (Dana and Charles....parents of my CUZN!!! ALI-MO!!!) nothing but smiles :)

compliments of La Diabla aka NYAMBURA! at her and SNKEYKIKI's apartment..another great night with another great smile!!

And this is my present FB display pic...taken by the lovely LAUREN WICKER back on valentines day...after a few mac sessions, it is PERFECT!! lol she knows hahaa

Moral: Smile today! tomorrow and always! but first start with today...its great, you wont regret it!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


its 2010 and this year has already proven to be a GREAT YEAR!

Anyone who has ever had an interest in fashion has heard of the timeless brand

The name is most widely known for its BIRKIN BAG that is toted by some of the flyest people on earth, mainly women, but there has been a recent BURST of men draping themselves in this label.

Here is Dennis R. (a lookbook phenom) who has made a name for himself with his collection of HERMES Birkin bags...he has them in almost EVERY color..here he pairs an Indigo Birkin bag with black harem pants, funky shows and a cool coat.

This guy poses with a gorgeous girl in his all black everything look with a white HERMES belt

Robert Pattinson of Twilight makes a red carpet appearance in an HERMES suit.
Our favorite rapper Drizzy Drake is seen here in his typical outfit (jeans a hoodie) but this time he adds a bit of sophistication to his urban style with an HERMES belt.

Designer Marc Jacobs is seen above cruising and taking his smoke break with two of his HERMES birkin bags.
And of course a HERMES post wouldnt be complete without mentioning Pharrell and his custom purple crocodile birkin bag. The N.E.R.D front man dropped a cool 46K on this bag.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

no seriously, ROFLMAO

my roommate showed me this video today and I LITERALLY was
just check it out and you will get it..lol

This ad for the Sienna van had me DEAD!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

i like my Honey aged to perfection

and toady shes one step closer to perfection

Yup, im talking about none other than the QUEEN BEY!

Since she first stepped on the scene she has captivated us with her amazing spirit and she has, in the past decade taken to the movie screens, televisions and radios of nearly every home. If you have ever seen her in concert, you know that she gives her all to her fans and its only right that we do the same for her bday 

But no matter how many BEYdays she has, she will always stay FOREVER YOUNG

Friday, September 3, 2010

this beat go...

Buenos dias! Today i woke up and decided to get ready con mi musica (with my music). As im laying in my bed, my roommate says to me
He passed me his headphones and I knew exactly what he was talking about. He didnt pass me just any pair of headphones..these were Dr. Dre headphones. These things are SIMPLY AMAZING!
They make you wonder how you ever listened to anything else.

After listening to a couple songs, I was convinced that I had to have them, so if you love me, you will send me a pair..they come in black, white and you can also customize them, so if someone wants to create a JUST JAMES C pair, that would be amazing. Thanks :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

if music is crack, itunes is my pusher.

Today I put my itunes on shuffle and got my fix. There are thousands of songs on there and I havent heard them all yet, but today I heard a new song (new to me) by Melanie Fiona called "Somebody Come Get Me"
This is seriously amazing! I was just talking about going to a Jamaican Lounge here in barcelona and getting a nice lil island fix and then this song came on and I GOT MY LIFE