Tuesday, September 7, 2010


its 2010 and this year has already proven to be a GREAT YEAR!

Anyone who has ever had an interest in fashion has heard of the timeless brand

The name is most widely known for its BIRKIN BAG that is toted by some of the flyest people on earth, mainly women, but there has been a recent BURST of men draping themselves in this label.

Here is Dennis R. (a lookbook phenom) who has made a name for himself with his collection of HERMES Birkin bags...he has them in almost EVERY color..here he pairs an Indigo Birkin bag with black harem pants, funky shows and a cool coat.

This guy poses with a gorgeous girl in his all black everything look with a white HERMES belt

Robert Pattinson of Twilight makes a red carpet appearance in an HERMES suit.
Our favorite rapper Drizzy Drake is seen here in his typical outfit (jeans a hoodie) but this time he adds a bit of sophistication to his urban style with an HERMES belt.

Designer Marc Jacobs is seen above cruising and taking his smoke break with two of his HERMES birkin bags.
And of course a HERMES post wouldnt be complete without mentioning Pharrell and his custom purple crocodile birkin bag. The N.E.R.D front man dropped a cool 46K on this bag.

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