Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wHat happened 2 being disKrete?

Ok you guys know my blog is all about the truth about whats going on in every aspect, including life as a college student. Lets be real for a quick second, no, lets be real a LIFETIME! Anyone who attends a school in the AUC, especially Spelman College and Morehouse College cant help but notice a relatively large group of girls doing some things a little different. First let me say that I truly applaud anyone who chooses to enter into the  greek world of Fraternities and Sororities, especially one of the Divine Nine (my Mother and Father are both greek) but as far as I was taught as a child, a big part of this process is DISCRETION, something that these select girls lack! At any given time they can be seen RT-ing each other pointlessly, taking Spring Break trips together and running around to different events together. Not so discrete at all. I wonder how their BIG SISTERS feel about that....hmm...

Question: Do you think they will wear mask or anything at the Probate, everyone already knows who made line. #oops

your my little secret

I am a firm believer that everyone needs their own little place to get away and have a moment to themselves. I know we all have our own safe havens where we can run to and sort out our thoughts but today I ran across a cool little hidden jewel right up the street from campus (Morehouse College). I am sure many of you all have passed it if you live in the surrounding areas. 

Just in case this is already some one elses secret getaway spot, I wont tell you the exact location but I hope this encourages you to get out and check around your neighborhood for your own secret spot, who knows, you might find a nice little surprise.  Here are some more pics that I was able to get.

*****Good luck, be adventurous and the reward will be worth the risk*****

Monday, March 29, 2010

A baby was born.......

So I thought as I go through the process of  birthing this blog I thought I would start off from the very beginning. As some of you might know I am very outgoing and it all began when I was a baby. I am the 2nd and youngest son of Darlene and Phillip Willis (and the favorite). I was born on January 19, 1991 and ever since then, I have been on the move. Here are just a couple pics from my baby/toddler days...as you can tell I have had good looks since birth :) The first pic up there is my headshot from when I did acting/modeling as a child. I wish I could find the color one so yall could see the color of those jeans..lol..#superfly!

That first pic above is my brother holding me when I just got home for the first time. He was sooo happy to have a "liddle bwuda". We are 3 years apart and even though we went through our argument phase (from 7-13) we are the best of friends now.

*SIDENOTE* do you see my brothers head to toe jean outfit with the red hoodie underneath..lol...we was the flyest kids on the block #PERIOD!

LOL..I love this pic...as a baby (and still today) I LOVED eating!!! lol and that is evident from my big cheeks! I was known as a child as the kid with the "passy" (pacifier) and the big cheeks. Check out that fly fit..hahahaha..i miss my one piece PJ's.

Yall dont see me STRAINING for that smile..lol...This was a pre-school pic..I love looking back at my childhood pics and seeing what my parents dressed me in. Do yall see those different color sleeves and colors? #90's fashion. This is from my preschool VIP great memories there. I went there with most of my cousins, we pretty much ran the school...lol


Let the madness begin! This is my first post on my first blog...how exciting! Welcome Welcome Welcome. As most of you know this is a new step for me. I recently decided that after 10,000 tweets I was going to leave twitter and step into the blog world along with greats like Ezekiel Phillips and Hope Harris (www.ontheapplebox.com ) , Kenneth Kyrell McKoy (www.astoldbyky.blogspot.com) and so many more. Bare with me as I workout the kinks and glitches that start with anything new but this should be a fun ride! Feel free to let me know any topics you would like me to cover. I will still be on twitter for another 166 tweets, so come hit me up @JCW91 for a couple days :D