Monday, March 29, 2010

A baby was born.......

So I thought as I go through the process of  birthing this blog I thought I would start off from the very beginning. As some of you might know I am very outgoing and it all began when I was a baby. I am the 2nd and youngest son of Darlene and Phillip Willis (and the favorite). I was born on January 19, 1991 and ever since then, I have been on the move. Here are just a couple pics from my baby/toddler you can tell I have had good looks since birth :) The first pic up there is my headshot from when I did acting/modeling as a child. I wish I could find the color one so yall could see the color of those!

That first pic above is my brother holding me when I just got home for the first time. He was sooo happy to have a "liddle bwuda". We are 3 years apart and even though we went through our argument phase (from 7-13) we are the best of friends now.

*SIDENOTE* do you see my brothers head to toe jean outfit with the red hoodie was the flyest kids on the block #PERIOD!

LOL..I love this a baby (and still today) I LOVED eating!!! lol and that is evident from my big cheeks! I was known as a child as the kid with the "passy" (pacifier) and the big cheeks. Check out that fly fit..hahahaha..i miss my one piece PJ's.

Yall dont see me STRAINING for that was a pre-school pic..I love looking back at my childhood pics and seeing what my parents dressed me in. Do yall see those different color sleeves and colors? #90's fashion. This is from my preschool VIP great memories there. I went there with most of my cousins, we pretty much ran the

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