Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wHat happened 2 being disKrete?

Ok you guys know my blog is all about the truth about whats going on in every aspect, including life as a college student. Lets be real for a quick second, no, lets be real a LIFETIME! Anyone who attends a school in the AUC, especially Spelman College and Morehouse College cant help but notice a relatively large group of girls doing some things a little different. First let me say that I truly applaud anyone who chooses to enter into the  greek world of Fraternities and Sororities, especially one of the Divine Nine (my Mother and Father are both greek) but as far as I was taught as a child, a big part of this process is DISCRETION, something that these select girls lack! At any given time they can be seen RT-ing each other pointlessly, taking Spring Break trips together and running around to different events together. Not so discrete at all. I wonder how their BIG SISTERS feel about that....hmm...

Question: Do you think they will wear mask or anything at the Probate, everyone already knows who made line. #oops


  1. This post makes me happy. That very last sentance made me go, "Oh! Oops! Damn!" lolol U betta keep it real, love! Cuz shit, i kno if I were to ever cross, i dnt want all God's creation to kno about it! I mean, wth? What's the point!? But whatever. U kno i loves ya, Jimmy. Smooches!


  2. You are to much but sooooo funny an true!!!!1