Friday, July 30, 2010

ye ye ye

For anyone who follows me on twitter @Just_James_C , you know how excited I am about a new person that im following! One of my fashion inspirations......

yup, the YE has joined twitter @KanyeWest
I still remember the first time I heard his music. My brother played it for me and my parents when I was a freshman in high school in the family room and since then, I have been AMAZED by his musical genius and his unbelievable style.
His no nonsense attitude is disliked by some, but at the end of the day is respected.

Last but not least, he def inspired my love for LOUIS!  check out his special edition Monogramouflague Keepall above and this amazing video filled with AMAZINGness.

Friday, July 23, 2010

clap ya hands to the beat this instant

after a trip to the beach with my sister @SnkeyKiki we stopped by Jack in the crack for a late night munch and we heard this greatness on the radio. It is simply AMAZING!!

This Instant by Sophia Fresh and T-Pain

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

good things are worth stealing

besides my own blog, i also check out TONS of blogs on a daily basis!

One of my favorite ones is

by my Morehouse Bro Kenneth Kyrell McKoy

Today he blogged about this song that I LOVED back in the day but never really knew the name or artist name. Its called "It dont make any difference to me" by Kevin Michael. It seriously is such an amazing song. I remember seeing it between shows on MTV but it was a great refresher to see the video and hear the song again. 

Heres the video...enjoy

stats of lyfe

I always say that music speaks words that we cant.

My friend told me about this song the other day and that I HAD to listen to it and once i did, it realized how AMAZING it was!!!

Statistics  by Lyfe Jennings

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

backseat windows up...

thats the way i like to shoot

yall know I take my macbook where....

and whenever boredom strikes, Photobooth is always the remedy! Today I was riding with my madre and decided to have a little photo shoot :) #yeaitsaphotoshoot

Gotta love it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

escape to paradise

im livin Forever Young
where the sun is ALWAYS out and i NEVER get old

Summer time leaves time to reunite with old friends and enjoy the beauty of nature. While  others sit in the dugout, im out making moves (overused...i know). But every once in a while you gotta stop and enjoy life and I surely did that the other day.

I went over to a friends house and we had a good ol time just relaxing, swimming and enjoying the beauty of SoCal. Here are a couple pics of her amazing backyard that served as the location for the relaxation.

great times but remember "elegance is friendZ" pahahahha

Thursday, July 15, 2010

fresh with a side of vintage

my Nana is in town and I ALWAYS have such a great time with her!  We have been shopping like EVERYDAY and yesterday we went vintage shopping and i picked out a few cool pieces and i though i would share them with you.

This really cool gold and silver ring. I thought it looked sooo cool...normally i dont even like gold, but i liked this as soon as i saw it.

And when I saw this bracelet with the greek god on it, I also really liked it! I was wearing a yellow jacket and it matched, so it made it even better. Its silver with a pale yellow background behind the greek god.

I still need to get some more jewelry..but im really feeling the vintage pieces that Ive been seeing. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I thought it was extremely ironic the day i got a new jean jacket i saw A BUNCH of pics of ppl in jean jackets...

One that stood out the most is of one of my favorite couples.

Whats not to love about this duo? Their fashion as individuals is truly outstanding, together they are simply unstoppable! And yall know Kanye can do virtually no wrong in my fashion book. He inspired my love for Louis :)

my status...

yesterday i changed my FB status on Facebook and decided to share it with all of you....I THINK ITS GREAT!

yea im rugged

Im not quite sure where I was going with this, but I bought a new jean jacket yesterday and decided to have a photobooth session. 
Normally im droppin a big smile in all my pics, but this time I was feeling a lil rugged..pahahaha

Monday, July 5, 2010

paper or plastic

anyone who has been alive in the past couple years, they haven noticed the rise in Chanel amongst young fashionistas...well today, i was cruising threw a couple blogs n saw this AMAZING PIC!

Idk if this is a real chanel bag or if someone created this (with a grocery bag and sharpie) but i thought it was def. BLOGWORTHY, so i thought I would share it with you.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

rising star

when looking for a star, you gotta look in the

So ive been following @SkyeTownsend for a couple months now ever since I saw her HILARIOUS video of Celebrity Therapy: Beyonce and Rihanna

She is truly AMAZING! but I had NO CLUE she could sing sang, so after a brief twitter convo, she sent me some of her songs and I FELL IN LOVE! Her voice is like no other, I especially love this song MIAMI. Makes me wanna hop on a plane and head to Miami. 

This up and coming artist is bound for greatness, not to mention her amazing style. Check out these BLUE LIPS

Keep an eye out for this RISING STAR, she is sure to be a big hit!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

this is KNOT a game

I though I would share my outfit with you all today. It was pretty fun gettn dressed today...partially because I knew that I would look fly. :)

I LOVE this tie..its maroon and when paired with a grey suit, it looks AMAZING!

A great tie can make a good suit blog worthy :) and of course it never hurts to throw on a Morehouse pin

Friday, July 2, 2010

everybody who knows me knows

im pretty much always down for a good laugh.....

with the exception of a few things...and sadly some of those things happened a few minutes ago. If u follow me on twitter, im sure u saw the eruption.

But my mother constantly reminds me to make things a learning moment, and this i shall. So my lessons from this:
-always surround yourself with people with similar humor
-never expect people to have the same maturity level as you
-age doenst necessarily bring wisdom

but most importantly, i learned a lesson from my friend 
she let me know that:

-even when bad things happen #ontothenextone
-never make dumb decisions that will be regretted later
-live every night like its ur last as a college mentor

Alright, about to throw on some trues, a fly a$$ vneck n hit the westwood streets for some Diddy Riese