Friday, July 2, 2010

everybody who knows me knows

im pretty much always down for a good laugh.....

with the exception of a few things...and sadly some of those things happened a few minutes ago. If u follow me on twitter, im sure u saw the eruption.

But my mother constantly reminds me to make things a learning moment, and this i shall. So my lessons from this:
-always surround yourself with people with similar humor
-never expect people to have the same maturity level as you
-age doenst necessarily bring wisdom

but most importantly, i learned a lesson from my friend 
she let me know that:

-even when bad things happen #ontothenextone
-never make dumb decisions that will be regretted later
-live every night like its ur last as a college mentor

Alright, about to throw on some trues, a fly a$$ vneck n hit the westwood streets for some Diddy Riese


  1. omg James, i luv this place..its by UCLA right? its the best 99 cents i ever spent.