Thursday, April 15, 2010

..::check my FOOTWORK::..

Today I looked through my closet and while I see several staples (seersucker, khaki shorts, polos, bright colors, nautical looks) I am clearly missing a very important element....some shoes!

I have a set of staple shoes that pretty much every guy has.....

I have this classic Sperry Top Sider in a few dif. colors. I love this shoe simply because it goes with almost everything! I throw on these with anything from business casual evnets in ATL to a beach visit back home in So. Cal...

 No true southern california resident goes without the standard pair of Rainbow Sandals. These classic flip flops, after broken in, are the most comfortable shoes ever! (im wearing some right now). They are easily paired with jeans, board shorts ANYTHING!

And im pretty sure everyone has a couple pairs of the standard $19.99 shoe from Urban Outfitters. The price truly doenst determine style. These basic shoes come in almost every color and are relatively comfy.

All these shoes are great, but at the end of the day, its time for me to diversify. What is the next shoe on my purchase list??

An urban classic.....


here are a few pics of some shoes that I am thinking about "copping" :D

This pair of Air-Jordan Spizikes are sooooo cool to me!! I know it would be a stretch to see me in some shoes like this, but...I like them!!  The red white and blue reminds me of when I was a child in my osh kosh outfits :D

Heres another pair, very similar with just a slightly different color layout....Very urban, very fresh!!

I thought this shoe was cool just because its a Jordan but has a very "JAMES-esque" style to them. These are called Campus Chukka, they came out in the fall of 2009 and they are urban but they appear to be easily pair-able with a pair of jeans and a v-neck or even a black polo :D

These also caught my eye simply because they are soooo different! I like the tweed material and its like a NY sewer rat with that face and!

The only think I will have to get used to is paying more than 60 dollars for any given shoe. I admit it, I am a little cheap and it will be difficult to give up my $19.99 urban outfitter shoes for a $200 pair of Spizikes....

OOOHHH and one last shoe that I will surely have soon....

A fresh pair of combat boots! I truly believe this trend is here to stay....I cant wait to throw on a pair and stomp down the street like a beast!! lol...#BOW!

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