Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its a FAMILY affair

"The love of a family is the greatest blessing"

Any and everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love my family. Every time we get together, it is  guaranteed to be full of fun, laughs and memories that we will all cherish. 

Our most recent family get together was in Feb for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Yup, my mothers parents were blessed to be married for 50 years and beyond the great memories there are 6 daughters (Debra, Dawn, Dana, Darlene, Denise and Diana) and 12 grandchildren (Phillip, Nicole, Shawn,  James, Alison, Sheryle, Sharon, Davon, TJ, Kevin, Trevor, and Amanda). We came from all over the country to celebrate this great occasion and of course had a great time doing it. 

Here are a few pics from the event. The best part of us all getting together is that we ALWAYS sing our family anthem and whenever I begin to miss them, I simply go onto my itunes, and listen to the song and it brings back memories that I will always cherish.

My grandparents and the 6 girls..All there names begin with D's and they are all a year apart.

My Papa and Nana(right)  with my Nana's twin and her husband who also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year)

My immediate family with my Nana and Papa.

My favorite cousin Alison who is a couple months younger than me. She is a freshman at Clark Atlanta University.  (We were a surprise at the party, so we had to wait in the car and then walked in and everyone was SHOCKED)

Me and my Nana, I am the favorite :D...she even says that in front of the other grandkids..hahah :P

The next day after my cousins basketball game. Please excuse the random guy in the background..lol (hes not in the fam)

Heres the family anthem that we all love!!
 Count on Me

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