Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the Louis Vuitton Don

so yall know I love fashion and music, with that in mind it is obvi why i look up to 
Kanye West

This artist is well known by everyone for his amazing lyrics, captivating beats and his uncontrollable mouth. His words have gotten him on both the Top 10 List and the Sh*t List of a couple presidents :D. No matter what people think, his style is undeniable

With the release of his Louis Vuitton shoe line concreted his position in fashion. His urban style combined with the luxury of Louis Vuitton has intrigued a large group of young hip-hopsters. Here are a couple pics of the Louis Vuitton Don rockin Louis

This pic is simply amazing! Hes rockin his own Louis Vuitton sneakers with the special edition Louis Vuitton monogramouflage keepall

and you gotta love this Damier Azur Christopher backpack. Rumor is he waited a year and a half just for this one. 

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