Wednesday, May 5, 2010

remember when...

I hate to step on toes, but they dont call me MR. MESSY for nothing. A true professional never reveals all of their secrets. Ive been kinda lowkey this year but that doesnt mean i was any less observant. 

As the year comes to a close,  I  was reflecting on all the greatness (and not so great-ness)  that has transpired


-secret time?
- when I saw you two on the top level of the parking deck? #uhoh
- when you thought you were too cool to campaign and lost?
-when he hit u and u stayed with him?
- when you tried to hit me on Spelman Lane? (hahah...nice try)
-when you had a gf and a bf on valentines day?
- when she joined the secret society? #sssshhh
-when you grabbed her booty at the party and your gf saw?
-when you thought you made line (and didnt)?
-when you made line then hearing about the national freeze?
-when you made line then he snitched?
-when you cried over AKA's not having a line?
-when you were still grinding?
-when #messy was a AUC trending topic?
-when you loved Mr. Messy?
-when you hated Mr. Messy?
-when you unfollowed me then refollowed me?
-when you hooked up with him?
-when you thought you were a real rapper?
- when we didnt make it to the Mr. Sophomore pageant? #bitter
- running after Topaz?
-wearing grey?
-when you were on crutches?
-before you were OWT?
-before you were OUT?
-the trunk boys?
-that bbm conference?
-throwing up at Coronation Ball?
-when you had a car?
-before you smelled?
-you wanted to be an AKA?
-when he wasnt enrolled and nobody knew?
-those buttons?
-when you couldnt go to lower manley?
-when yall were missing a leg?

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