Thursday, May 13, 2010

spreading the red

Check out this dynamic couple

Besides the fact that Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys make a great couple, this photo really explains their greatness. but do you know why????

They are both wearing LOUBOUTINS. YUP!!

What are Louboutins?
1st: kys for not knowing
2nd: where have you been?

You read right! Amazing designer Christian Louboutin has recently decided to share his amazing shoe making talent with the other half of the population. He has released a couple of mens shoes and plans on producing even more for the upcoming seasons.

These mens shoes feature the same signature red bottoms on a variety of shoes that can be worn at nearly every occasion. These shoes have been seen on the feet of several influential celebs including Swizz Beats, Reggie Bush and Kanye West.

The shoes come with a fairly large price tag, starting at $750 but they are surely worth it. Here are some of the unique designs.

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