Tuesday, May 25, 2010

medicine for my soul

So yall know I love music and I thought i would share some songs that I am feeling right now.

Selfish by Vivian Green
I love this song cuz I find myself at a point in my life where I have to be selfish sometimes. Take a listen and you will see that its not about being selfish but just that "what im going through might seem selfish to your but ive never tried it and i think i like it"

Beautiful by India Arie
This song is an acoustic wonder! The words, beat and music speak to my soul and puts me in a place of relaxation. This song makes me wanna get dressed in flowy linen pants, a tank top, a hat and sunglasses and sit on the beach and listen to the guitar players on the boardwalk.....

Stupid in Love-Rihanna
I love Rihanna...i heard this song on the way to the mall today and it stuck in my head all day. "this is stupid, im not stupid. Dont talk to me like im stupid." That line pretty much sums up how i am feeling RIGHT NOW

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