Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sitting in the sand pit, life is a short trip

So school is over and i was quickly whisked away to the airport to get on the next thing smoking to Sunny San Diego, CA.

Travelling is always a fun experience, but only when done correctly. Everyone has their own idea of how to travel, but i do believe I have maximized my travelling experience and you can do with some basic steps.

Print out your boarding pass and check your bags in online. It saves a lot of time and you can avoid the long process of self check in.

2.Pack Right/PackLight
Always have a carryon!! You never know what will happen, so always bring a change of clothes, travel size toiletries and you can never go wrong. Keep it small and light. My mother prefers a small rolling suitcase while i prefer a small duffle bag, #yourChoice

3. Slow Down...No rush
Remember, there is no need to rush (if you plan). Pick up some magazines, grab a bite to eat and chill out for a quick second. Make sure you do that in the terminal and not outside because security can be a b*tch sometimes.

4. Grab yourself a Drink.
IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE AN ADULT DRINK! I always snag a water with lime before hitting the plane. It keeps me refreshed, hydrated and cool right before I hit the plane

5. Dress Right
Remember, you will be on a plane for a couple hours, so dress appropriately. For me, a pair of jeans, american apparel v-neck and comfy hat accompanied frequently by a pair of glasses and im ready! I look presentable but still comfortable :D

With these few tips you should be good to go for your next jet set. Im a student, so my days of flying first/business class are not fully in action yet, but once those days begin, some of the above steps can be skipped simply because they are provided for you :D

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