Tuesday, October 5, 2010

inspiration all around me

i would argue that no one who is great has done it alone. the inspiration on which they thrive is provided by the equally great people around them.  Today, i was doing my normal blog search when i came across a video that literally had me AMAZED!

My Morehouse brother and fellow blogger, Kenneth Kyrell McKoy,{http://astoldbyky.tumblr.com/} posted what had to be the BEST video I have seen in a long time. It was a video created by 2 young, talented, black men of 
Street Etiquette....this clip incorporates so many great aspects of the life of a Young, Talented and Black young man that I just HAD to post it on my blog. The incorporation of so many great concepts all rolled into one to display the greatness of a sometimes non-represented group [African American males on a mission] was too good to pass up.

2 Thumbs up to these young men who are dedicating their lives to the Black Ivy movement.today, ill throw on an oxford.IM DOWN FOR THE CAUSE

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