Thursday, August 19, 2010

its a photoshoot yea its a photo shoot

"Life is a fashion show and the world is my runway"
-James Willis

Yall know I am a NSO (New Student Orientation) leader and today a friend of mine Tim Jones took a few pics and I thought I would share them.

Whats not to love about this pic...gotta love the face, the fit, the PIC

Yea, i can do it all...even when simply lounging on the front steps of the chapel

Excuse me, coming through

Bad angle but im actually jumping in this pic

It was hot so please excuse the wet brow

Save the best for last...THIS PHOTO WASNT EDITED AT ALL....but I love it..the flash sent a beam of light right in the center of my body..i call this...

(and there was light)

But yea, so those were the pics. I love them. the fit:
Navy Blazer: Vintage
Canary Oxford: Ralph Lauren Polo
Tortoise Shell Shades: Cotton On
Navy Tie: Vintage
Khaki Short: Ralph Lauren
Brown Belt: Fathers really, my dads closet
Brown Suede Loafers: Bloomingdales

Easy summer look to pull off...a lil toasty to wear the blazer, but I had to wear some kind of jacket as an NSO leader..

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