Saturday, August 28, 2010

back 2 school::lookbook edition::

school has officially started (not yet for me but whatever) edition to new teachers, new classes and new classmates, we get new and exciting fashion. The first day is a great culmination of months without school, months away from friends and (most likely) months of great shopping.

As I browsed through today I couldnt help but notice all the LOOKS that featured either backpacks, books or something that would just look great on a school campus so I thought I would share it with you all :) 

 This look is simple enough to belong to a student but has so many great fashion elements....everything from the boots, to the bag...#5Stars

I see this for the fashion forward student who isnt afraid of taking risks. This look combines the common "thrown together" look that some college students often have with  a classic school look with the book in hand, backpack on shoulder and classic laceups
Ok, so school started and that means fall is soon approaching. This layered look is great for a day of classes then off to a late lunch with the friends. Gotta LOVE it.

When I thought about this look, all I could think of the Clark Atlanta University promenade. If you have ever been to it, you know exactly what I mean. 
This student is on the go. No time for a backpack to hold me back (too much adjustment needed). Im ready to sling this on and be on to the next class, then off to a meeting #busy

This pic reminds me of my high school days back in San Diego, CA. Simple, classic and sophisticated while still youthful. The white cami combined with the khakis look great..with a light blazer over it is simply AMAZING! (dont have a light blazer? try a cardigan)

Every college student can relate to this picture all too well. No time to linger anywhere too long, ALWAYS ON THE GO. Fun colors, easy layers, great look for a college student :)

and of course I had to add this look in. I featured it a couple days ago. Its so easy that I am sure you will be able to pull it off. Classic navy blazer, yellow oxford shirt, linen tie paired with khakis and loafers (matching belt optional)

Well I hope I inspired you with this back to school fashion. Feel free to steal and sample these looks and be the fly kid at school

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