Friday, August 27, 2010

on and off the court

A few months ago I was having a convo with my mom about how the celebs of my generation are taking their talents and making a brand and this truly does amaze me...No longer to singers stay singers, they branch out to the world of fashion and some even enter into the corporate world. The sky is truly the limit.

One thing that catches my eye on a regular (monthly) basis is the fact that more and more athletes are ending up on the covers of magazines. On my regular reading of GQ Magazine,  I am noticing more and more athletes on the cover..they are taking their skills on the court and field, mixing it with a designer suit or two and ending up on the cover of one of the most widely read mens fashion magazines.

Here are a few examples 

but im not mad, diversification is best friends with longevity and these athletes (and other celebs) are becoming really buddy buddy with the two

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