Thursday, June 17, 2010

worth stealing

so yall kno in addition to blogging, i also search a lot of blogs and this morning when i checked out my Morehouse Brother, Kenneth Kyrell McKoy's Blog

i saw an AMAZING video that he posted. This terrific trio did a unique cover of both RudeBoy by Rihanna and OMG by was simply amazing!! (so i had to steal it...thnx ky)

I love all of their voices, but i especially love the girl in the RUN DMC shirt...her voice is soooooooo amazing!!! Such power! check out the video and be prepared to be AMAZED


  1. OUUTTTAAA COONNNTTTROOOLLL!! White kids can saaannngg!! Mmm MMMMM!!!!! #YEAH

  2. Great video :D
    i like this blog!
    +follow :D