Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the denim don

so my love for fashion goes beyond shopping and label spotting. On a daily (sometimes more) basis I browse a number of fashion blogs be they personal blogs or sites like LOOKBOOK or GQ either way I look at a number of sites to..
A. Get inspired for my outfit of the day
B. Stay up on trends
C. get some new places to shop 

Recently i feel like ive been seeing this same guy all over the place on lookbook and personal blogs, so I decided to find his personal blog and I have decided he deserves the title


I love his looks head to toe denim is something im still working on accomplishing

Check out this homemade bowtie made of denim 
(#iconfess the MOREHOUSE in me REALLY like this)

Denim on the daily...backyard chillin

This is just an all around sick pic...i think I will try n do something like this when I go to Europe in the fall...i can see it now :D

Its pretty much a group of friends that got together and decided to recreate a GAP ad with Zara shoes :D

For more of his unique style and fashion check out his blog 

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