Saturday, June 19, 2010

Funky Fair Food

The Fair is in town!!!!!

The lights, the action, the people...the FOOD!!?!

Ok, I love food just as much (maybe more) than the next person, but I will never understand some of the food they have at the fair. Here are some of the pics I got from the fair food stands last night..
Ok the word CURDS disgusts me beyond your wildest dream..#yuck

wtf? yall kno im not down with the MOO and im def not down with deep fried moo...#gross

This sign alone is reason enough to stay away from the booth, but of course there was a long line of curious fair-goers who wanted to taste what the HEART ATTACK CAFE was offering
This is one of the "treats" the HEART ATTACK CAFE was offering...DEEP FRIED BUTTER!! are you kidding me? There is abso nothing appetizing about this AT ALL!!
So i gave up eating all #oink but there is one thing i miss...and thats BACON!! but who ever thought of chocolate covered bacon deserves to be in somebodys institution. That has to be the most random combos ever!

Check out this smorgasbord of nastiness. The worst of all is the chicken sandwich in the top left corner...the buns are 2 Krispy Kreme donuts...simply asking for a heart attack!

No matter how disgusting the food things are, there are always people ready and willing to ignore their stomach's disgust and try it! This guy is eating some jumbo mexican funnel cake that, if you finish in one sitting, its actually looked really good :)

Call me old fashion, but i think im gunna stick with my fried corn. :) Its sooo yummy!!

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  1. James, where is this fair? I mean out here in cali they have the fried oreos and ish (I don't mess with) but KK & Chicken??? idk about that one. I don't like their donuts in the first place and to add chicken is killing me... smh!!! and I'm in total shock w/ the deep fried butter wth???