Monday, June 7, 2010

Prom season is here!!

As high school juniors and seniors prepare for what could be (and should be) the last high school dance of their life, the stress of academia seems to fade away as they slip on their new designer dresses and fresh tuxes and hit up the PROM!

Unfortunately, every year, amongst the designer dresses and fancy duds, there are a group of people who ALWAYS MISS THE MARK!

WTF? Spongebob? and im not even gunna start with that B*A*P*S updoo

I dont think this is what Mattel had in mind when they made Barbie and Ken Doll #FAIL

HOT ASS MESS!! It looks like...hell idk wat it looks like, it just looks BAD!

How old are you? (too damn old for high school) and dont act like u didnt know u were a HH cup, put those big nasty things away

Last time I checked the Louis Vuitton site, I didnt see this in the "ready to wear" section. #KnockoffFail
Trick, ur not prom queen, lose the crown and get that mut some shots...not to mention, get a damn date!

Somebody get that girl some gel deodorant

How bout that part...and that hood tat...(not pictured: the 8 button suit that he is wearing)

Her dress provided by: Windows ScreenSaver
Your hair is a wave, ur dress is barely there..this is not a beach retreat, its prom..get your life together!

I cant even talk about u big girl...
whoa! i lied! i tried to leave u alone but wat the hell were u thinking? i dont even blame u. I blame ya mama and ya friends for not tell n...smmfh

I call this pigeon couture

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are going to prom or know someone who is, make sure they dont dress like anybody u just saw or they too will be on the blog..HGM (hot, ghetto mess)

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