Friday, June 18, 2010

a glance into the summer LOOKBOOK

its summer and that means its time to adjust the wardrobe a bit to fit the summer schedule so Ive picked out a few looks from LOOKBOOK.NU

Here are some great looks that people posted on the site

When i see this look I think of summer intern with a fashion conscious mind. I love this look from head to toe. I think it would be appropriate for most interns to wear on fridays (casual friday) and a small group to wear on a regular day

Yall know im not usually one for flashing monogram prints, but the subtle belt paired with understated shirt and shorts is ok with me. The brown louis belt pics up the brown in the boat shoes (an every day shoe for the summer/fall season)

Got a lunch meeting? Well it is summer time, and unless you are meeting with executives, it is perfectly ok to throw on an outfit like this. The tailored shorts along with the clean simple sneakers, when paired with the sweater shirt combo serve for a very nice outfit that is perfectly acceptable for a casual lunch meeting.

Anyone who has checked out LOOKBOOK.NU has probably seen Dennis R. He is known all over the world for his amazing fashion that is constantly complemented with a wide variety of Hermes Birkin bags in virtually every offered color.  This summer reminds me of a cool travel outfit. Casual and comfy with a bit of sophistication just in case you run into a someone important

What isnt to love about this outfit? Well im not sure im crazy about the stones on the necklace but everything else is great. The color of that watch screams summer, the tank is in everyones closet, the glasses are a classic, the hat is cool and everyone knows those evenings at the beach can get a bit CHILLY, so a sweater is a great addition

Finally, there is the summer jet-setter look. This just reminds me of an outfit I would throw on before hitting the airport to travel. The bag looks like a great carryon, perfect for a weekend trip or to house your laptop, magazines, camera, phone and spare shoes for the flight.

I hope you enjoyed the summer looks and try and incorporate some of the styles into your wardrobe, but make sure u make it your own.

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