Friday, June 18, 2010

a glace into the summer lookbook pt 2

i couldnt forget about my ladies, u guys have to get dressed this summer too. :D

So like for the gentlemen i went thru LOOKBOOK.NU and found some great looks for you to incorporate into your summer wardrobe :D

What isnt to love? This outfit is great because it really doesnt require one to go out and buy things, most of these items are already in peoples wardrobes. Try pairing a pair of tan shorts (cargo or khaki) with a basic tee, a well tailored blazer and a watch..heels are optional and can be easily replaced with sandals or flats...add a bit of length to the shorts and this is acceptable on a friday at your summer internship

Simply heading out to the mall or with friends for lunch. Add a bit of fashion flare to your regular shorts and tank by throwing on a blazer. Keep it effortless with the rolled up sleeves :D

Heading out into nature is no excuse for abandoning your fashion sense. This outfit reminds me of a fashionable camper. Nothing too elegant about it, this outfit would be perfect for fishing, boating or playing random games, but she still looks like she cares about how she looks. once again..EFFORTLESS

You know every time i post, there has to be a bit of California in it. This outfit should be an obvious purchase for every cali girl...a basic printed dress that can be worn with heels or flats, but either way it is amazing! Feeling lazy? just throw this on with some shades and a fedora and look amazing in 10 mins 

Is your boss a stickler for maintaining a professional atmosphere? Well thats no excuse to throw out style. Check out this amazing dress!! Simple and black can be a great office dress that can you take you from your morning meetings to your after work drink...and if ur really tryna be a baller pair it with those sky high Louboutins :D

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